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New release: FreeBSD 7.0 - Linux Identity Kit

Posted by: Admin on Jun 24, 2008 - 10:49 AM

There it is, Linux Identity Kit with FreeBSD 7.0 on DVDs has just been published.

FreeBSD is often thought of as the perfect operating system for networking tasks, since it's very robust and achieves great performances. FreeBSD can be used in a great variety of settings: servers, embedded systems, workstations, etc.

Two DVDs come with this magazine. They each contain FreeBSD 7.0. The first disc is meant to be used with computers equipped with a x86 compatible processor (Pentium, Athlon...), also called i386 compatible sometimes. This version, called the 32-bit version, will work on any machine, so it's the one you should use in the vast majority of cases. The second DVD is destined to 64-bit systems, or, more exactly, to AMD64 compatible computers (Opteron, Athlon64, EM64T). If you want to use all the capabilities of your 64-bit processor, this second DVD is the right one for you.

More than 17500 third-party applications are available and ready to be installed:, KDE, GNOME, Firefox, Apache, MySQL, etc. In addition, most of the binaries compiled for GNU/Linux systems can be run under FreeBSD without any modification.

Table of contents

  • Contents of the DVDs
    This magazine comes with everything you need to install FreeBSD on your computer.
  • Installation of FreeBSD 7.0
  • Before throwing yourself in the discovery of your brand new system, you obviously have to install it. A bit scared? Do not worry, this section will show you the way, step by step and with the help of screenshots, through this delicate phase for a trouble-free installation.
  • FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE post-install configuration
  • The installation process completely over, you can now concentrate on the configuration and management of your system.
  • Basic commands  free FreeBSD article
  • A newcomer to FreeBSD will probably find himself served well by a desktop environment (as KDE or GNOME). But there is also another world: a world of CLI – command line interface. Instead of clicking icons and menus, users memorize and type commands, exchanging all communication with the system through a rectangle of plain text.
  • File sharing
  • Something that just about everybody wants to know before trying out an unfamiliar operating system like FreeBSD is: Will it interoperate with the other machines on my network?
  • Virtualization
  • Virtualization! It's the latest craze sweeping the computing world. The idea of running a “guest” operating system in full hardware compatibility mode within your “host” operating system is no longer the province of the desperate and the adventuresome. Everybody's virtualizing.

Points of sale

Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Kit; issue: 2; pages: 36; DVDs attached: 2; price (US): $14.99

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