New release [1]: Ubuntu Family 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubtu, Mythbuntu) - Linux Identity Starter [2]

Posted by : Admin on Nov 18, 2008 - 09:44 AM
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This is an exciting release for the Ubuntu community. The previous release, 8.04, was a Long Term Support, or LTS release. In 8.04, the focus was on stability, to make sure the release could be supported actively for the longer, three year cycle. In the new 8.10 release, included with this magazine, stability is still important, but the focus is on adding interesting and valuable new features, pushing the envelope of expectations for the Linux desktop. Here are some highlights:

There are two DVDs attached to this magazine. They each include the same basic contents, with one big difference. One DVD is for 32-bit installations, the other is for 64-bit installations.

Each DVD includes four versions of Ubuntu: Ubuntu Desktop, Kubuntu Desktop, Xubuntu Desktop and Mythbuntu Desktop. These ship as different distributions, but they each share a common base that has been configured for specific uses and preferences with software that best fits the intended use. You will want to decide which sounds the best for what you want to do.

What's the difference? Each version includes the same basic software, but the 64-bit has a kernel and programs that are optimized to run on a 64-bit processor. In some cases, especially where large amounts of number crunching processing will occur, like video or audio processing and large spreadsheet or mathematics and science applications, there will be a speed benefit. For typical uses like Internet browsing, email , and word processing, the difference is trivial.Table of contents

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