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There are many reasons to want to run Linux. It's fast, secure and works on a wide range of computers, even if they've been around for a few years. And with LiveCD you can have a pretty good idea of how well it will work on your computer without actually installing.

Ubuntu Linux is one of the easier GNU/Linux distributions to install. You just need seven steps to have running your Linux operating system on your computer.

Thanks to Linux Identity magazine you will discover Linux world. We have decided to insert the Ubuntu distribution on the CD as it is considered as the system best adapted for beginners. Inside, you will find lots of articles that will show you how to run LiveCD and begin the Linux experience, install Ubuntu on your hard disk with or without Windows and help you to do the first steps under Linux.

The easiest way to begin “the Ubuntu experience” is to try it out by running a LiveCD. What a LiveCD does, is load a copy of the operating system into your main memory (RAM), and run from there. This of course means that the system will run slower, and you usually need a minimum of 512 MB RAM to do so. The upside is you can try out the system before deciding to install it, and it won't affect the hard drive. This is also a good way to keep occupied while installing, by browsing the web or playing games!

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