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Fedora is a innovative and fast moving distribution. Not only does it have new releases every six months, it also gets a large number of updates. Unlike some other distributions which limit themselves to only providing security and major bug fixes, Fedora tends to stay close to upstream releases and provides many new enhancements via updates regularly.

Fedora (Leonidas) 11 is a significant milestone from the Fedora Project with a feature list that dwarfs the previous releases.

This magazine includes two DVD versions of Fedora 11 Leonidas: 32-bit and 64-bit. 32-bit, or x86 as labeled on official version, is recommended for 32-bit AMD, Intel Pentium family, Intel Core Duo and some VIA chipsets. 32-bit can also be used on 64-bit computers. 64-bit version is recommended for 64-bit AMD, Intel (EM64T including Pentium M, Core 2 Duo, and Xeon) and can be only installed on 64-bit computer.

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Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Pack; issue: 3; pages: 44; DVDs attached: 2; price (US): $14.99

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