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New release: Linux Identity Office - Mandriva Linux 2010

Posted by: Admin on Dec 15, 2009 - 10:00 AM

We have the pleasure to announce the new Linux Identity magazine devoted to the latest, 25th version of Mandriva, one of the pioneers in Linux. Linux offers a great alternative to proprietary operating systems and Mandriva is one of the slickest and most polished distributions available.

This edition comes with two install DVDs and covers the basics from installation, updates and dual-booting through to desktop personalization and user management.

Mandriva 2010 focuses, inter alia, on developing the configuration tools, providing innovation in things like desktop search and management of upgrades, and making your experience as a user better in the scope of boot up time, partitioning, package management, security...

Table of contents

  • What's new in Mandriva 2010
    Discover some of the improvements and new features of 2010.
  • Installing Mandriva 2010
    Step by step guide to installing Mandriva 2010 on your computer.
  • Mandriva dual-boot with Windows
    Installing Mandriva Linux on a computer with Microsoft Windows.
  • Network Configuration
    Connecting your computer to the Internet
  • Software Management rpmdrake and mdkonline
    How to install new application and keep Mandriva up to date
  • Personalize Mandriva Desktop  free Mandriva article
    Explore and customize your desktop and make it a joy t use.
  • Multi-user management
    Manage who can use your computer and how
  • Configure printers
    Guide showing your printer options and what to expect when connecting a printer.
  • Mandriva Directory Server (MDS)
    Extend yourself and provide directory services to authenticate many Linux computers.

Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Office; issue: 6; pages: 36; DVDs attached: 2; price (US): $14.99

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