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As usual, this issue of Linux Identity comes with 2 DVDs for you to enjoy. The first one contains both 32 and 64-bit Live DVDs of Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot and another multi-bootable DVD which has Ubuntu (with GNOME), Kubuntu (with KDE), Lubuntu (with LXDE), Xubuntu (with Xfce) and Mythbuntu (Media Center) 32-bit.

In this issue we'll have an article on how to set up a redundant storage cluster with Gluster and Ubuntu server. On the desktop front, we'll be taking a good look at the newly released 11.10 which brings in the transition to GNOME 3 as well as a (r)evolution of Ubuntu's own Unity interface. We also reviewed the Sylpheed email client, that provides a good alternative for Evolution or Thunderbird.

Thank you for your interest in Ubuntu 11.10.


  • What's new in Ubuntu 11.10
  • Installing Ubuntu 11.10
  • Unity Tips and Trick
  • Ten o'clock postman, bring me her letter
  • Image Editing Applications
  • Sharing Photos with Friends, on Ubuntu! free Linux article
  • Everything you need to know about Printing
  • The world of archives
  • Glusterfs, the network filesystems evolved

Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Starter; issue: 11; pages: 36; DVDs attached: 2; price (US): $14.99

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