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Posted by : Admin on Sep 05, 2012 - 12:41 PM
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The distributions offered this time in The Best of Linux edition are as follows:

Fedora 17
Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon
Mageia 2
openSUSE 12.1
Ubuntu 12.04

They present the relative choice available at the moment. If you are willing to test the latest and greatest desktop experience, you have to consider Mageia or openSUSE if KDE has your preference, or Fedora and Ubuntu for the GNOME desktop. If you wish to keep some continuity with your previous desktop experience, you may give a try to the different Mint flavors presenting altered GNOME desktop as in Mate or Cinnamon. For those who miss the old KDE 3, you can even install one of the distributions above and update it to the Trinity desktop, the evolution of KDE 3 created by some developers in reaction to the supposedly wrong direction taken by the “legitimate” KDE developers.

Traditionaly, the magazine comes with the multiboot DVD containing all 5 distributions mentioned above in their Live version.


Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Pack; issue: 7; pages: 68; DVD attached: 1; price (US): $14.99

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