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You will find in this review a large repertoire of what a modern distribution can offer from a software point of view but also, more and more, from a service perspective. The distributions offered in The Best of Linux edition are as follows:

Fedora 18
Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon
Mageia 2
openSUSE 12.2
Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu is pushing its “One” services and with the recent announce of a Ubuntu dedicated phone distribution, this is for a start a promising competitor to Android. Mint listens the best to its community by offering a large choice of graphical interfaces. Mageia is trying to reconquer the old Mandrake/Mandriva users heart by providing a polished ans stable community-driver distribution. OpenSUSE is still the reference, community-based enterprise-level distribution.
This issue comes with the multiboot 32-bit DVD containing all 5 distributions mentioned above in their Live version.


Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Pack; issue: 8; pages: 68; DVD attached: 1; price (US): $14.99

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