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How many distributions should we describe in one magazine?

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  Linux Starter :: Installing Multiple Distributions on the same computer  Popular
Description: This article is geared towards helping you seamlessly install and run multiple Linux distributions on the same computer.
File size: 285.08 Kb
Downloads: 6209
Added on: 18-Oct-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Ubuntu directory structure  Popular
Description: Linux's directory structure has a nice architecture that is meant to be simple and productive. Once you will start to work a little bit more with the terminal, you will be very familiar with this tree and will start to know better where is what and where should you look for different files.
File size: 234.26 Kb
Downloads: 5479
Added on: 08-Oct-2009
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Firewall setup  Popular
Description: How do I setup my own firewall?
This article will attempt to outline the basic steps towards building a firewall via Fedora.
File size: 263.08 Kb
Downloads: 5420
Added on: 10-Jul-2008
Comments: 0

  :: Using formulas to find Calc data  Popular
Description: Calc offers numerous methods to find data in a sheet. For example, Edit -> Find & Replace moves the display cursor based on simple and advanced searching. Use Data -> Filter to limit what is displayed rather than simply moving the cursor.
Calc also offers lookup functions used in formulas. This article shows how you can search data using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP and MATCH functions. It will be explained with simple and advanced examples.
File size: 172.83 Kb
Downloads: 4693
Added on: 31-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


  FreeBSD :: Basic commands  Popular
Description: A newcomer to FreeBSD will probably find himself served well by a desktop environment (as KDE or GNOME). But there is also another world: a world of CLI command line interface. Instead of clicking icons and menus, users memorize and type commands, exchanging all communication with the system through a rectangle of plain text.
File size: 331.21 Kb
Downloads: 4679
Added on: 19-Aug-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Installing Multimedia Codecs and Drivers  Popular
Description: Ubuntu 8.10 comes standard with free and open software. This includes community developed drivers for hardware, where the source code for the software is available to be downloaded, viewed, and distributed legally.
You can even modify it legally, if you know how, as long as you either do not distribute your changes, or you license your work in the same manner as the work you are using.
File size: 566.27 Kb
Downloads: 4465
Added on: 25-Nov-2008
Comments: 0


  Debian :: Tuning your Debian  Popular
Description: Anatomy of your system, or how to learn to master it. You'll also see how to dope your system to make him as powerful as you like.
File size: 1.12 MB
Downloads: 4047
Added on: 04-Jul-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Games  Popular
Description: Here is 10 games available under Ubuntu in few clicks only. The list is of course not exhaustive, our aim is only to make you discover several games.
File size: 348.21 Kb
Downloads: 3915
Added on: 10-Jul-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: FAQ and resources  Popular
Description: We asked Junior to confide us his questions. Junior does not actually have a deep knowledge in open source software, on the contrary...
If by any chance you end up knowing everything that is asked by Junior, consult instead the end of the chapter which will make you familiar with a list of references enabling you to go further in your knowledge.
File size: 215.79 Kb
Downloads: 3909
Added on: 28-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Installing Multimedia Codecs and Video Drivers  Popular
Description: This article will show you how to install video drivers that will take full advantage of your hardware, set up multimedia codecs for common audio and video formats, and enable desktop effects.
File size: 276.97 Kb
Downloads: 3893
Added on: 10-Mar-2008
Comments: 0


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