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  Linux Starter :: Installing Multiple Distributions on the same computer  Popular
Description: This article is geared towards helping you seamlessly install and run multiple Linux distributions on the same computer.
File size: 285.08 Kb
Downloads: 5946
Added on: 18-Oct-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Ubuntu directory structure  Popular
Description: Linux's directory structure has a nice architecture that is meant to be simple and productive. Once you will start to work a little bit more with the terminal, you will be very familiar with this tree and will start to know better where is what and where should you look for different files.
File size: 234.26 Kb
Downloads: 5223
Added on: 08-Oct-2009
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Firewall setup  Popular
Description: How do I setup my own firewall?
This article will attempt to outline the basic steps towards building a firewall via Fedora.
File size: 263.08 Kb
Downloads: 5019
Added on: 10-Jul-2008
Comments: 0

  :: Using formulas to find Calc data  Popular
Description: Calc offers numerous methods to find data in a sheet. For example, Edit -> Find & Replace moves the display cursor based on simple and advanced searching. Use Data -> Filter to limit what is displayed rather than simply moving the cursor.
Calc also offers lookup functions used in formulas. This article shows how you can search data using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP and MATCH functions. It will be explained with simple and advanced examples.
File size: 172.83 Kb
Downloads: 4499
Added on: 31-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


  FreeBSD :: Basic commands  Popular
Description: A newcomer to FreeBSD will probably find himself served well by a desktop environment (as KDE or GNOME). But there is also another world: a world of CLI – command line interface. Instead of clicking icons and menus, users memorize and type commands, exchanging all communication with the system through a rectangle of plain text.
File size: 331.21 Kb
Downloads: 4442
Added on: 19-Aug-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Installing Multimedia Codecs and Drivers  Popular
Description: Ubuntu 8.10 comes standard with free and open software. This includes community developed drivers for hardware, where the source code for the software is available to be downloaded, viewed, and distributed legally.
You can even modify it legally, if you know how, as long as you either do not distribute your changes, or you license your work in the same manner as the work you are using.
File size: 566.27 Kb
Downloads: 4252
Added on: 25-Nov-2008
Comments: 0


  Debian :: Tuning your Debian  Popular
Description: Anatomy of your system, or how to learn to master it. You'll also see how to dope your system to make him as powerful as you like.
File size: 1.12 MB
Downloads: 3849
Added on: 04-Jul-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Games  Popular
Description: Here is 10 games available under Ubuntu in few clicks only. The list is of course not exhaustive, our aim is only to make you discover several games.
File size: 348.21 Kb
Downloads: 3730
Added on: 10-Jul-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: FAQ and resources  Popular
Description: We asked Junior to confide us his questions. Junior does not actually have a deep knowledge in open source software, on the contrary...
If by any chance you end up knowing everything that is asked by Junior, consult instead the end of the chapter which will make you familiar with a list of references enabling you to go further in your knowledge.
File size: 215.79 Kb
Downloads: 3714
Added on: 28-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Installing Multimedia Codecs and Video Drivers  Popular
Description: This article will show you how to install video drivers that will take full advantage of your hardware, set up multimedia codecs for common audio and video formats, and enable desktop effects.
File size: 276.97 Kb
Downloads: 3690
Added on: 10-Mar-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Online file storage - Dropbox vs. Ubuntu One  Popular
Description: On-line synchronising and file storage services are quite common nowadays. You probably hear your friends more than often asking you to join one of those services in order for them to be able to share their latest work on various files with you.
If you do not already use “the cloud” for securing your files this article will definitely help you out to choose between two of the most popular on-line file storing and synchronisation solutions – Ubuntu One or Dropbox. If you do store your files in “the cloud” then we hope that this article will give you more details about the solution you chose to use, whichever this is.
File size: 264.04 Kb
Downloads: 2820
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: RPM vs DEB  Popular
Description: While some people will tell you that rpm-based distribuions are difficult to use. or that deb-based distribution are too confusing, and so on, the truth of the matter is that there really no difference. The two formats do the same thing: ensure that an application that you wish to install will run on your computer, and then install the applications.
File size: 314.74 Kb
Downloads: 2698
Added on: 05-Oct-2011
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Sharing Photos with Friends, on Ubuntu!  Popular
Description: With Ubuntu Linux, there are many ways to get sharing photos done, from popular web sharing services to homebrew websites. This article will examine each option, and the many ways that Linux offers to make most of them even easier.
File size: 2.09 MB
Downloads: 2568
Added on: 09-Dec-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Virtualizing Windows with Virtualbox  Popular
Description: What if you could run Windows and Linux at the same time? What if you could run them, not only at the same time, but on the same computer?
What if you could run Windows and Linux applications on the same desktop, without switching between Linux and Windows? Well... you can!
File size: 160.67 Kb
Downloads: 2446
Added on: 16-Jun-2011
Comments: 0


  Debian :: Let's do an inventory!  Popular
Description: A practical guide to help you install an inventory application: OCSNG Inventory.
File size: 464.58 Kb
Downloads: 2438
Added on: 19-Aug-2008
Comments: 0

  :: 10 tips and tricks for Writer  Popular
Description: In this article we have collected 10 tips and tricks mainly for the benefit of those who have just started using Writer, but that hopefully also experienced users will find interesting. Some of suggestions could be used to increase your productivity, others document little known features of the word processor and there are some that provide answers to questions posted on the community forum and mailing list
File size: 300.12 Kb
Downloads: 2425
Added on: 03-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Backup your system before updating it in Linux Mint  Popular
Description: Many cutting edge distributions offer a migration path from release n to release n+1. In order to ease the migration, Linux Mint provides a tool called Mint Backup to backup your personal data and system settings before updating the system.
File size: 794.35 Kb
Downloads: 2409
Added on: 11-Mar-2013
Comments: 0


  Mandriva :: PulseAudio - The next generation sound system  Popular
Description: PulseAudio is the next generation sound system which is meant to replace and unify all sound servers. This article presents how to use it.
File size: 476.64 Kb
Downloads: 2365
Added on: 18-Jun-2008
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Keeping your Fedora 8 System Up to Date  Popular
Description: Maintaining current packages is important on any system. Often updated packages include security and bug fixes that will help keep your system running as smoothly and safely as possible.
File size: 117.75 Kb
Downloads: 2247
Added on: 02-Jan-2008
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Alternatives to Everything you can think of (and probably more)  Popular
Description: Linux is open source, so everyone who has a unique way of performing some common task has the ability to write an app which we, in turn, can all use if we like their method better!
File size: 279.55 Kb
Downloads: 2037
Added on: 19-Oct-2012
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Managing your packages with yum  Popular
Description: Software installation and maintenance on Fedora is usually done with yum or a graphical tool like PackageKit.
In this article we’ll cover common yum command line usage and go into a little bit of the detail behind what goes on when you ask yum to install a new application.
File size: 143.73 Kb
Downloads: 1858
Added on: 06-Jul-2009
Comments: 0

  :: The Top OOo Extensions You Might Not Know But Should Use  Popular
Description: We have chosen some of the important and useful extensions users should be aware of.
File size: 166.77 Kb
Downloads: 1726
Added on: 13-Jan-2009
Comments: 0


  Mandriva :: Personalize Mandriva Desktop  Popular
Description: Mandriva Linux offers a number of options to personalize your desktop environment.
File size: 308.38 Kb
Downloads: 1724
Added on: 29-Jan-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Ubuntu and GNOME 3 - from unity to divergence  Popular
Description: In this article, we are going to look a bit more into the GNOME desktop, the recent release of the long awaited GNOME 3 and how this affects Ubuntu.
File size: 155.28 Kb
Downloads: 1693
Added on: 11-Apr-2012
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Secure your Ubuntu  Popular
Description: Security in one of, if not the most debated topic with people using computers. Losing data be it personal photos, bank statements or work related documents is every users worst nightmare. This article is dedicated in enlightening and empowering you to enhance your experience on this wonderful operating system.
File size: 333.61 Kb
Downloads: 1647
Added on: 11-Jun-2010
Comments: 0


  Mandriva :: KDE4  Popular
Description: KDE 4 is based on Qt 4 which brings many improvements concerning the text handling (Arthur), graphical effects, performances improvements, Webkit HTML engine integration.
File size: 690.59 Kb
Downloads: 1626
Added on: 10-Jul-2008
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Various approaches for installing the distribution  Popular
Description: We detail in this article some steps diverging in each distribution and how this may affect the installation process.
File size: 508.09 Kb
Downloads: 1612
Added on: 11-Apr-2012
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: The Power of Ubuntu 12.10  Popular
Description: What makes Ubuntu different from any other operating system, and why are these differences significant?
File size: 694.53 Kb
Downloads: 1595
Added on: 11-Mar-2013
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Dual-booting Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows  Popular

As Linux and specifically Ubuntu become more popular people are slowly trying it out and some even fully migrating to Linux from Windows and other operating systems. We are going to look at installing Ubuntu 9.04 on the same hard drive as Windows Vista and Windows XP, some problems we might run into and how to solve them.
File size: 128.37 Kb
Downloads: 1591
Added on: 13-Aug-2009
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: How to modify PDF documents?  Popular
Description: In this article we present some tools that will allow you to work with, create, and modify PDFs on Linux.
File size: 273.14 Kb
Downloads: 1568
Added on: 19-Oct-2012
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Becoming familiar with gFTP  Popular
Description: gFTP is a popular Open Source graphical FTP application for Linux. It uses the GNOME desktop environment and follows you to transfer your data to remote FTP servers and is available for free at
File size: 237.38 Kb
Downloads: 1558
Added on: 10-Jul-2009
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Network configuration  Popular
Description: This article will focus on mechanisms through which one can establish network connectivity.
File size: 1.03 MB
Downloads: 1541
Added on: 29-Oct-2008
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Ubuntu First Steps  Popular
Description: Ubuntu is a powerful operating system with many excellent programs bundled in.
Ubuntu desktop is much like Windows desktop, but might seem a little strange to you at first. This article will introduce you to some of the differences you’ll encounter, and show you ways to settle into your new computing environment and keep things running smoothly.
File size: 328.24 Kb
Downloads: 1499
Added on: 10-Jul-2009
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: All Your Multimedia Support...  Popular
Description: Ubuntu wants to be simple all of the time. That's what an open platform with available source code is all about: it puts the user first and makes the software serve the user's needs, instead of impeding them.
However, that's not always possible since some things are surrounded in a quagmire of legal clauses, pending patent policies, and the dreaded End User License Agreements that no one ever reads. The most common victim here is multimedia...
File size: 230.93 Kb
Downloads: 1485
Added on: 22-Aug-2013
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Living securely in the new age  Popular
Description: This article will get you started with the basics and point out some more advanced techniques to introduce operational security in to your live, you can pick and choose to which level you implement it, if at all.
File size: 127.20 Kb
Downloads: 1414
Added on: 06-Mar-2014
Comments: 0


  openSUSE :: Be a Zypper Power User  Popular
Description: Zypper is a command line software management tool; it is used to discover, install, update and remove software form an openSUSE system. It's hardly unique in that sense, and in fact it's a latecomer by comparison.
File size: 275.79 Kb
Downloads: 1340
Added on: 22-Aug-2013
Comments: 0

  :: An Introduction to Master Documents  Popular
Description: Like most word processing software, Writer can easily handle large and complex documents, and most projects are best handled by a single Writer file (.odt).
File size: 187.04 Kb
Downloads: 1337
Added on: 08-Mar-2011
Comments: 0


  openSUSE :: Managing Photos with F-Spot  Popular
Description: A tour of F-Spot GNOME photo manager and how to keep your photo collection organized and selectively share with people.
File size: 565.82 Kb
Downloads: 1335
Added on: 13-Aug-2009
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Secure your Fedora 14!  Popular
Description: This article covers some very basic steps that you should follow that you do not face any inconvenience when using Fedora.
File size: 392.35 Kb
Downloads: 1306
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Overview of some of the best Linux applications  Popular
Description: Linux Mint strives to pick the best applications from the available pool, sometimes going against the grain where necessary in an attempt to provide the best user experience possible.
File size: 1.94 MB
Downloads: 1303
Added on: 09-Dec-2011
Comments: 0


  openSUSE :: Installing openSUSE 11.1  Popular
Description: A step by step walk through of how to install openSUSE 11.1 in your machine, create users and configure your machine.
File size: 471.87 Kb
Downloads: 1278
Added on: 13-Aug-2009
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Remote Backups made simple  Popular
Description: Backing up is not as complex or mysterious as it might seem. Get a server account with SSH access from a reliable host, set up Deja Dup with a good backup policy, and you can be confident that your digital life is safe from mishap.
File size: 1.37 MB
Downloads: 1266
Added on: 09-Dec-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Unity  Popular
Description: Unity is an exciting new graphical interface to the Ubuntu we've all come to appreciate. It does a great job as a conventional desktop environment and it will run just the same on the next generation of touch devices too.
File size: 184.57 Kb
Downloads: 1256
Added on: 05-Oct-2011
Comments: 0


  Fedora :: Dual-booting Fedora and Windows  Popular
Description: If for some reason you are obligated or compelled to have a Windows installed on your computer, you can safely have both Windows and Linux on one machine.
File size: 366.82 Kb
Downloads: 1248
Added on: 13-Aug-2009
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Ubuntu and Your Digital Life  Popular
Description: Ubuntu features all the best in free "digital lifestyle" software to help you be organized, creative, and in control of your data.
File size: 295.64 Kb
Downloads: 1166
Added on: 16-Jun-2011
Comments: 0


  CentOS :: Tips and tricks  Popular
Description: The article covers some basic points that may be of importance to you using CentOS operating system.
File size: 206.52 Kb
Downloads: 1114
Added on: 13-Jan-2010
Comments: 0

  :: Using Native Tables in Impress  Popular
Description: Impress is generally considered the weaker program of the suite particularly when it is compared to its competitors, however recently more efforts are being made by the developers as well as by the community to improve it.
File size: 280.74 Kb
Downloads: 1090
Added on: 11-Jun-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: An introduction to the Terminal  Popular
Description: A quick guide about the terminal and a few useful commands to get you started.
File size: 291.65 Kb
Downloads: 1081
Added on: 18-Oct-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: CD/DVD Burning Software in Ubuntu  Popular
Description: Writing CD's and DVD's on Ubuntu Linux is one of the few things that remained tedious. Until 2008, when Brasero replaced GnomeBaker as the default CD/DVD burning application for the Ubuntu desktop.
File size: 296.69 Kb
Downloads: 1046
Added on: 01-Apr-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Windows on your Ubuntu desktop  Popular
Description: Although Linux comes with an incredible amount of software pre-installed and even exponentially more in the Software Center, you might still need to run a Windows program once in a while.
File size: 621.17 Kb
Downloads: 1046
Added on: 08-Mar-2011
Comments: 0


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