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  Linux Starter :: Living securely in the new age  Popular
Description: This article will get you started with the basics and point out some more advanced techniques to introduce operational security in to your live, you can pick and choose to which level you implement it, if at all.
File size: 127.20 Kb
Downloads: 1691
Added on: 06-Mar-2014
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: All Your Multimedia Support...  Popular
Description: Ubuntu wants to be simple all of the time. That's what an open platform with available source code is all about: it puts the user first and makes the software serve the user's needs, instead of impeding them.
However, that's not always possible since some things are surrounded in a quagmire of legal clauses, pending patent policies, and the dreaded End User License Agreements that no one ever reads. The most common victim here is multimedia...
File size: 230.93 Kb
Downloads: 1746
Added on: 22-Aug-2013
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: The Power of Ubuntu 12.10  Popular
Description: What makes Ubuntu different from any other operating system, and why are these differences significant?
File size: 694.53 Kb
Downloads: 1848
Added on: 11-Mar-2013
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: How to modify PDF documents?  Popular
Description: In this article we present some tools that will allow you to work with, create, and modify PDFs on Linux.
File size: 273.14 Kb
Downloads: 1804
Added on: 19-Oct-2012
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Alternatives to Everything you can think of (and probably more)  Popular
Description: Linux is open source, so everyone who has a unique way of performing some common task has the ability to write an app which we, in turn, can all use if we like their method better!
File size: 279.55 Kb
Downloads: 2287
Added on: 19-Oct-2012
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Various approaches for installing the distribution  Popular
Description: We detail in this article some steps diverging in each distribution and how this may affect the installation process.
File size: 508.09 Kb
Downloads: 1845
Added on: 11-Apr-2012
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Ubuntu and GNOME 3 - from unity to divergence  Popular
Description: In this article, we are going to look a bit more into the GNOME desktop, the recent release of the long awaited GNOME 3 and how this affects Ubuntu.
File size: 155.28 Kb
Downloads: 1936
Added on: 11-Apr-2012
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Unity  Popular
Description: Unity is an exciting new graphical interface to the Ubuntu we've all come to appreciate. It does a great job as a conventional desktop environment and it will run just the same on the next generation of touch devices too.
File size: 184.57 Kb
Downloads: 1439
Added on: 05-Oct-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: RPM vs DEB  Popular
Description: While some people will tell you that rpm-based distribuions are difficult to use. or that deb-based distribution are too confusing, and so on, the truth of the matter is that there really no difference. The two formats do the same thing: ensure that an application that you wish to install will run on your computer, and then install the applications.
File size: 314.74 Kb
Downloads: 2939
Added on: 05-Oct-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Starter :: Virtualization of Linux Distribution  Popular
Description: Unlike other operating systems, Linux can be installed on almost all types of computers, be it desktops, laptops, netbooks, Macs, or even portable devices!

File size: 265.19 Kb
Downloads: 915
Added on: 16-Jun-2011
Comments: 0


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