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  Linux Mint :: Backup your system before updating it in Linux Mint  Popular
Description: Many cutting edge distributions offer a migration path from release n to release n+1. In order to ease the migration, Linux Mint provides a tool called Mint Backup to backup your personal data and system settings before updating the system.
File size: 794.35 Kb
Downloads: 2784
Added on: 11-Mar-2013
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Overview of some of the best Linux applications  Popular
Description: Linux Mint strives to pick the best applications from the available pool, sometimes going against the grain where necessary in an attempt to provide the best user experience possible.
File size: 1.94 MB
Downloads: 1471
Added on: 09-Dec-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Virtualizing Windows with Virtualbox  Popular
Description: What if you could run Windows and Linux at the same time? What if you could run them, not only at the same time, but on the same computer?
What if you could run Windows and Linux applications on the same desktop, without switching between Linux and Windows? Well... you can!
File size: 160.67 Kb
Downloads: 2620
Added on: 16-Jun-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Mint - Effortless Linux  Popular
Description: Linux Mint has from the inception been recognized as the first Linux distribution for users who want their operating environment to "just work". The art and design of its desktop rivals the most meticulously-designed of the more ubiquitous (and non-free) operating systems, and it manages to combine the user-friendliness of OS X with the familiarity of Windows.
File size: 126.06 Kb
Downloads: 1000
Added on: 08-Mar-2011
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: An introduction to the Terminal  Popular
Description: A quick guide about the terminal and a few useful commands to get you started.
File size: 291.65 Kb
Downloads: 1247
Added on: 18-Oct-2010
Comments: 0


  Linux Mint :: Give and Take within the Community  Popular
Description: In this article we'll look at the different ways to find help about Linux Mint, and how to contribute within the community.
File size: 80.07 Kb
Downloads: 1060
Added on: 22-Jun-2010
Comments: 0


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