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Resources currently sorted by: Date (mew downloads listed first) :: An Introduction to Master Documents  Popular
Description: Like most word processing software, Writer can easily handle large and complex documents, and most projects are best handled by a single Writer file (.odt).
File size: 187.04 Kb
Downloads: 1491
Added on: 08-Mar-2011
Comments: 0

  :: Using Native Tables in Impress  Popular
Description: Impress is generally considered the weaker program of the suite particularly when it is compared to its competitors, however recently more efforts are being made by the developers as well as by the community to improve it.
File size: 280.74 Kb
Downloads: 1251
Added on: 11-Jun-2010
Comments: 0


  Managing Page Numbering in Writer  Popular
Description: This article will first give an overview of page styles and then explore different style of numbering, from a straightforward sequential numbering for all the pages to more sophisticated examples.
File size: 305.53 Kb
Downloads: 1063
Added on: 25-Mar-2010
Comments: 0

  :: The Top OOo Extensions You Might Not Know But Should Use  Popular
Description: We have chosen some of the important and useful extensions users should be aware of.
File size: 166.77 Kb
Downloads: 1886
Added on: 13-Jan-2009
Comments: 0

  :: Using formulas to find Calc data  Popular
Description: Calc offers numerous methods to find data in a sheet. For example, Edit -> Find & Replace moves the display cursor based on simple and advanced searching. Use Data -> Filter to limit what is displayed rather than simply moving the cursor.
Calc also offers lookup functions used in formulas. This article shows how you can search data using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP and MATCH functions. It will be explained with simple and advanced examples.
File size: 172.83 Kb
Downloads: 4754
Added on: 31-Dec-2007
Comments: 0

  :: 10 tips and tricks for Writer  Popular
Description: In this article we have collected 10 tips and tricks mainly for the benefit of those who have just started using Writer, but that hopefully also experienced users will find interesting. Some of suggestions could be used to increase your productivity, others document little known features of the word processor and there are some that provide answers to questions posted on the community forum and mailing list
File size: 300.12 Kb
Downloads: 2591
Added on: 03-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


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