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  Ubuntu :: Sharing Photos with Friends, on Ubuntu!  Popular
Description: With Ubuntu Linux, there are many ways to get sharing photos done, from popular web sharing services to homebrew websites. This article will examine each option, and the many ways that Linux offers to make most of them even easier.
File size: 2.09 MB
Downloads: 2826
Added on: 09-Dec-2011
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Ubuntu and Your Digital Life  Popular
Description: Ubuntu features all the best in free "digital lifestyle" software to help you be organized, creative, and in control of your data.
File size: 295.64 Kb
Downloads: 1332
Added on: 16-Jun-2011
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Online file storage - Dropbox vs. Ubuntu One  Popular
Description: On-line synchronising and file storage services are quite common nowadays. You probably hear your friends more than often asking you to join one of those services in order for them to be able to share their latest work on various files with you.
If you do not already use “the cloud” for securing your files this article will definitely help you out to choose between two of the most popular on-line file storing and synchronisation solutions – Ubuntu One or Dropbox. If you do store your files in “the cloud” then we hope that this article will give you more details about the solution you chose to use, whichever this is.
File size: 264.04 Kb
Downloads: 3054
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Secure your Ubuntu  Popular
Description: Security in one of, if not the most debated topic with people using computers. Losing data be it personal photos, bank statements or work related documents is every users worst nightmare. This article is dedicated in enlightening and empowering you to enhance your experience on this wonderful operating system.
File size: 333.61 Kb
Downloads: 1820
Added on: 11-Jun-2010
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Virtualization under Ubuntu 
Description: Virtualization refers the software implementation of a machine (computer) that executes programs just like a physical machine. When it comes to operating system virtualization, the virtual machine is called a system virtual machine or a hardware virtual machine.
File size: 487.09 Kb
Downloads: 37
Added on: 29-Jan-2010
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Dual-booting Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows  Popular

As Linux and specifically Ubuntu become more popular people are slowly trying it out and some even fully migrating to Linux from Windows and other operating systems. We are going to look at installing Ubuntu 9.04 on the same hard drive as Windows Vista and Windows XP, some problems we might run into and how to solve them.
File size: 128.37 Kb
Downloads: 1759
Added on: 13-Aug-2009
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Installing Multimedia Codecs and Drivers  Popular
Description: Ubuntu 8.10 comes standard with free and open software. This includes community developed drivers for hardware, where the source code for the software is available to be downloaded, viewed, and distributed legally.
You can even modify it legally, if you know how, as long as you either do not distribute your changes, or you license your work in the same manner as the work you are using.
File size: 566.27 Kb
Downloads: 4528
Added on: 25-Nov-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: Games  Popular
Description: Here is 10 games available under Ubuntu in few clicks only. The list is of course not exhaustive, our aim is only to make you discover several games.
File size: 348.21 Kb
Downloads: 3981
Added on: 10-Jul-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: KDE - Another desktop environment 
Description: If you want some changes, or if you think GNOME is not quite the right desktop for you, or even if you're just curious, this article is meant for you.
(registration required)
File size: 401.97 Kb
Downloads: 88
Added on: 11-Feb-2008
Comments: 0


  Ubuntu :: FAQ and resources  Popular
Description: We asked Junior to confide us his questions. Junior does not actually have a deep knowledge in open source software, on the contrary...
If by any chance you end up knowing everything that is asked by Junior, consult instead the end of the chapter which will make you familiar with a list of references enabling you to go further in your knowledge.
File size: 215.79 Kb
Downloads: 3972
Added on: 28-Dec-2007
Comments: 0


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