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Ubuntu appears to be the most popular Linux in the world nowadays. Here comes the newest version of this operating system: Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. Sure, you can find it in the consecutive edition of Linux Identity Set (1/2008).

This magazine comes with 2 DVDs attached, containing software for 32 and 64-bit systems. And now, the most amazing information: you will get not only Ubuntu, but set of 4 distributions: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu - all in version 7.10. We call it Ubuntu Family.

Ubuntu default graphic environment is GNOME, for Kubuntu - it's KDE, for Xubuntu - XFCE. Edubuntu, built on top of the Ubuntu base, provides wide selection of educational software, and is aimed at classroom use.

DVDs are prepared to display multiboot menu, so you try each distro as live separately, right from DVD; and then decide which one you like the most. If you have decided to install any distro, starting installation is as easy as opening Install icon placed on the live’s desktop.

We can advise to install Ubuntu to all Linux beginners. It offers fast and easy installation procedure. Moreover, Ubuntu gives you ability to utilize many really new devices, as wireless cards, Bluetooth devices, iPods, digital cameras, video cards, etc.

Ubuntu 7.10 comes with Linux kernel 2.6.22, 2.3, GNOME 2.20. If you prefer KDE, please choose to install Kubuntu, or add KDE packages to installed Ubuntu distro. Gutsy Gibbon provides also newest versions of most delivered applications. So, if you use Ubuntu 7.04 or older, it’s reasonable to consider system update.

To be sure, you will smoothly enter into the world of Ubuntu, we provided a set of helpful articles. These will lead you through installation and configuration process and depict new and interesting features of provided software.

Table of contents

  • Presentation of the DVDs
    This magazine comes with everything you need to install Ubuntu on your computer. Both included DVDs offer you four full versions of Ubuntu. Better still, they offer a demonstration system which will allow you to test Ubuntu without having to install it beforehand!
  • Installing Ubuntu
    Before throwing yourself in the discovery of your brand new system, you obviously have to install it. A bit scared? Do not worry, this section will show you the way, step by step and with the help of screenshots, through this delicate phase for a trouble-free installation.
  • Hardware configuration
    Once Ubuntu has been installed on your computer, one stage remains: to make certain that your hardware works properly. With these several pages, you will be able to configure your network connection and other fundamental elements of your system.
  • Software configuration
    The installation process completely over, you can now concentrate on the configuration and management of your software. How to read DVDs, listen to mp3s, install new programs, create new user accounts, this chapter focus on all those aspects.
  • A “ready-to-wear” desktop
    Who said a computer was synonym of monotony? Certainly not the Ubuntu designers. This chapter will help you to completely transform the look of your screen. From the Windows to the icons, your work tool is ready for a drastic relooking!
  • Ubuntu and the multimedia
    The time when the screens only displayed text is far beyond us. We are now standing in a multimedia era and that is the reason why Ubuntu offers you numerous tools to feed your eyes and ears. Let us take a tour of the software which offers you to fully enjoy your favorite videos and pictures.
  • KDE - another desktop environment
    You have now had the opportunity of getting acquainted with GNOME, the Ubuntu default graphic interface. But GNOME is not the only one alternative! Discover KDE, another desktop environment for Linux. And, who knows, maybe you will throw yourself into the adventure and install it?

An additional article available only from our website:

  • FAQ and resources  free Ubuntu article
    Linux, the Open Source software, a cost-free system... At first sight, all these notions may surprise and they deserve a bit of explanation. In a few pages, we try to shed light on various concepts linked to Ubuntu as well as giving you some clues for further learning or even participation to the huge Ubuntu community.

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Magazine properties:
title line: Linux Identity Set; issue: 1; pages: 36; DVDs attached: 2; price (US): 14.99 USD
The magazine is available US wide, through Barnes & Noble and Micro Center book stores.

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by nickycka on Jul 12, 2008 - 06:25 PM
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Helloil this article is great!


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