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New release: Debian 4.0R3 - Linux Identity Set

Posted by: Admin on Apr 23, 2008 - 09:06 AM

Etch 4.0r1 came out on the 17th of August 2007, and corrected the bugs and security holes. The r2 version didn't leave us waiting for long as it was released on the 27th of December 2007. But it didn't have a very long life cycle as, in fact, it is the Etch version 4.0r3 that we present to you today. The system was given an update, polished, remodeled, turning it into a technology wonder. Even K2000 is envious of it ;)

The magazine will help you apprehend Debian in the simplest way possible. We'll assist with realisation of such tasks as the system's installation (your very first step), and the customization of the OS so it can become truly yours. We'll give you the keys to making a good configuration to get a more enjoyable system. In addition, we've added some technical articles to help you go through more “delicate” processes. You'll become a real Linux surgeon with these practical guides. You'll be able to perform some advanced operation and thus really transform your server all down to the core.

This magazine includes 3 DVD, or 18 000 packages, amongst which you should find all what you need.

These DVD are optimized for 32-bit Intel architecture, which is the most compatible architecture used today, working even with Core 2 Duo or AMD64 processors. So yes, you can install it on 64-bit computer. After the installation, using the package manager, you'll install a more specific kernel.

Table of contents

  • Debian to the power of 3
    3 DVD or nothing, a description of what is contained inside those three little plates.
  • Installing the system
  • Don't worry, we're here to help you install it.
  • Tuning your Debian free Debian article
  • Anatomy of your system, or how to learn to master it. You'll also see how to dope your system to make him as powerful as you like.
  • Let's do an inventory!  free Debian article
  • A practical guide to help you install an inventory application: OCSNG Inventory.
  • A small message...
  • How to compete with Gmail or Hotmail? By setting up your own mail server using Postfix.
  • Big Brother
  • Are you paranoid, completely obsessed with monitoring? Well, now's your chance to take control with Nagios.

Points of sale

Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Set; issue: 2; pages: 36; DVDs attached: 3; price (US): $14.99

Debian 4.0R3 - Linux Identity Set | Log-in or register a new user account | 4 Comments
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Re: Debian 4.0r3 - Linux Identity Set - on sale!

(Score: 1)
by mjspiz on May 12, 2008 - 03:37 PM
(User information 
Where do I buy?

Re: Debian 4.0r3 - Linux Identity Set - on sale!

(Score: 1)
by pilo9701 on Jun 04, 2008 - 09:31 PM
(User information 
hi last week i brugt debian 4.0r3-linux identity set
and the dvd 1 bootable installation dont work the dvd show a masege "'the dvd is corrupted""

i pay 14.99 dlls for the magazine.but dint work.

i never
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