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How many distributions should we describe in one magazine?

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We have the pleasure to bring to you the magazine devoted to the 2nd most used Linux distribution and 4th most widely used desktop operating system in the world. Based on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Linux Mint 9 Isadora features a lot of improvements and the latest software from the Open Source world. New features at a glance: 30,000 programs catalogued and reviewable both online and in the new software manager, brand new incremental backup tool for both data and software selection, menu transparency and editable items, USB and Windows installers, 3 years support, look and feel improvements.

Linux Identity Office gives you everything you need to install, use and enjoy Linux, full-featured operating system, easier to use and to maintain that its biggest competitor and in many ways more comfortable for the home user.

With this magazine you will find 32-bit and 64-bit CDs of Linux Mint 9. These are the Live CDs, so you can place the CD in your drive, and have a fully functional Linux operating system without installing anything to your hard drive.

Table of contents

  • What's on the CDs
    Find out what's on the two CDs that are at the back of this magazine.
  • Overview of the new features in Linux Mint 9
    Go through the improvements and the new features introduced in the latest Linux Mint release.
  • Installation of Linux Mint 9
    All you need to know to easily install Linux Mint on your computer.
  • How to customize Linux Mint
    Tips and tricks to customize the look and feel and to make the operating system look like the way you want.
  • Installing software
    How to install additional software in Linux Mint.
  • Keeping your system up-to-date
    Why, how and when to upgrade your system with the Update Manager.
  • Linux Mint and Windows
    How to dual-boot, and how to share files and printers with Windows, locally and across the network.
  • Overview of some Mint specificities
    Description of some of the tools which are unique to Linux Mint, the Software Manager, the Update Manager, the menu, the Backup Tool, the Domain Blocker...etc.
  • An introduction to the Terminal  free Linux Mint article
    A quick guide about the terminal and a few useful commands to get you started.
  • The other editions of Linux Mint
    An overview of the other editions of Linux Mint: KDE, Xfce, LXDE and Fluxbox.

Bonus article:

Points of sale

Magazine properties: title line: Linux Identity Office; issue: 8; pages: 36; CDs attached: 2; price (US): $14.99

Linux Identity Office - Linux Mint 9 - on sale from July 20th! | Log-in or register a new user account | 0 Comments
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