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Posted by : Admin on Sep 10, 2012 - 11:51 AM
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The latest edition of Linux Identity Office is focused on the latest happenings in the open source world, especially Ubuntu Linux operating system. The Ubuntu project is a starting point for most enthusiasts who want to take a serious step in the open source universe. The stability and robustness of Ubuntu is widely known in the open source community.

Linux is a very popular choice among beginners and Ubuntu has topped the list of popular distributions for many years. For the desktop users, it is equipped with the best software be it the browser, mail client, office suite, or games.

You can try Ubuntu from the accompagnying DVD, containing Ubuntu in its latest release - 12.04, without causing any harm to your existing system and hardware. You can also install it on your computer, either standalone or alongside existing operating systems. Good luck and have fun!


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